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If only you stayed

He says, Years have passed 

Have they, love ?

I would still break into tears 

If you hold me 

Would you wipe them away 

Like that day though? 

Would you hug me tight, 

trembling hands buried in my hair 

And let your sigh at the nape of my neck 

Say goodbye? 

Or this time will you let go and cry?

He says years have passed

But after all these years the moment hasn’t 

It’s frozen where our lips last met 

Immune to the whims of time and space 

Every time we think of each other 

We are still locked in that embrace 

Darling, we never finished saying our goodbyes 


The worth of our breaths


We watch our kind
Butchering eachother
Living off one another’s flesh
And blink our shutters
Then go on about our lives

Those of us who cry;
Why are we not able to
Flood this filthy clay-sphere
Encrusted with rotting flesh,
Rusting skeletons
And flush the stench of death away?

Those of us who walk on ;
those bones Crunching under our feet
Blood and mucus stuck to our soles
Where are we trying to reach?
This is a goddamned circle-
You tear your way out of flesh
And breathe misery and greed in
Untill the earth takes back
Your meat suit

Yeah we all have our numbers
Upgraded to trillions,zillions,gazillions
Some of us rub our taste buds off
Counting cash
But I wonder
When we will be successful enough
To weigh the worth of our breaths