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People we call broken

The people we call broken

Are more often warriors

burried under rotting carcasses

Of everything they fought for,

Stood with

They may not stir 

And light may bounce off their blank stare

But they are not gone,

Not yet

They are not broken

If they haven’t left the battlefield

Where the humus spits out more heroes

Than time can inhume.


The art of war


I have always been distrustful,
Skeptical of people’s affections and intentions
Less because of the arrows along my spine
And more because of my rose-coloured eyes,
Discoloured now;
But I have learnt to trust
Not them,
Myself,that no betrayal would break me
My corporality is not built upon the mosaics of their being

I have always been territorial,
Ferociously protective of what is mine
And look how those demarcative thorns
Marred  the beauty
So I learnt to lower the weapons
But I havn’t forgotten the art of war
I will destroy you
If you cross the line