Atlas telamon…..
Oh why does this feel so?
Wasnt this once a presumption?
Wasnt it a regalia?
This liason

It still is precious
My precious precipice
That I bear upon my shoulder
Even if I am in ruins
And my spine smashed to smithereens
Because my love for you
Preponderates all sorrow
You are my soul’s joy
O beloved of mine

I dare not breathe too deep
I dare not laugh
I dare not weep
Lest shall I juggle this atlas that I bear
Your heart and this bond
To my heart so dear

I dare not move my arms too much
The rain
The dew
The snow
Though I longe to touch
I dare not put a toe out of the path
Lest shall I face the brunt of your wrath
I do not fear
The feel of your hands on me
Even in ire
I fear its my heart you will tear
Not my skin
Or worse walk away from me

I behold the exquisite panaroma
From below the roof
Yes,though a mountain
Its my roof
I smell the meadow’s sweet smelling aroma
Do I hear your footsteps??
No alas! A horse’s hoof

A spectrum of dreams
Sweet memories
Before my eyes take form and flash
I want to lose myself in them
Will you souse in me?
Stay with me?
And pray not be harsh?
Then surely I would no longer
Be enduring Atlas.

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