Solitude and loneliness


There is a thin line,a string of few breaths,between life and death.There is acceptance that separates fiction and reality.There is again a blurry line between ego and selfesteem which is distinguished by character.

Similarly there is a very thin line of distinction between solitude and loneliness. “choice” separates them.
Solitude is a choice and Loneliness is helplessness,a burden meant to be carried but without will.

When there is no one to turn to at the hour of need,you are lonely

When there is no one to discern the grief behind your smile,you are lonely

When there are hundreds of people but no one who understands you,you are lonely.

And it makes such a difference,such a bad loses its vigour and turns a dull shade of grey cause there is no one to splash it with paint. Being alone in a crowd is worse than being just alone.infact just alone is a source of bliss to lovers of have your ownself for company and you enjoy it.That is solitude.
Solitude is that moment of peace when you sit down on the terrace with a cup of coffee and you savour it because you love coffee not because u need a kick of caffeine to get you through another late night at work.
Solitude is that that bliss when you know you are at peace with yourself and you are loved by others.
Solitude is when you know you are alone only till you want to be.

It helps you get yourself the precious time that you deserve
It helps you grow

But loneliness crushes your spirits and triggers insecurities.If your friends mistake your need for momentary solitude as reclusion then yes,you are lonely and also misunderstood.

But lets remember its only a thin line of separation
It can be bridged!
Even in lonely hours when all you need is a friend who would hear you bawl and sniff through the story of your heartache…. Be strong!
Wipe your own tears
And stretch your hands
Fitting fingers will fill the gap between yours.
Trust time and do not give up.
You asked for solitude and got loneliness??
Then mould it into solitude and attain innerpeace.

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Bleeding for you


Here again comes the dream
As transitory as the life within
The dream,
The eyes await to come true
To errupt into liveliness by tasting love’s brew
They wait to be united
Hoping this time they wont be parted
Like sleeping beauty
In the dark womb
It waits to be awakened by a kiss
To walk on a path
That doesn’t lead to the tomb
But the dream dies to soon
The eyes hurl into the pyre of gloom
It tears itself apart
And then there is blood
Blood everywhere
And then there is pain
Pain everywhere
I bleed ever since I dreamt of u
My womb aching to hold u
And I am still bleeding for u
Awaiting the day when you will smile through the blood
Awaiting the day when your shrill cry
Will banish my pain
Awaiting the day when my blood will dress you in red
That day,my child
Through the blood
Through the tears
Through the pain
Swelling with joy and gratitude
I ll sing a paean
But now,
There is just blood
Blood everywhere
There is just pain
Pain everywhere

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Faceless Life

iridescent dreamer

She cries rivers before submitting
to night’s empty call
fear never letting her close her eyes

it never used to be so hard
when she trusted herself
before you broke her
took this fragile flower, crushed it beneath the weight of your solid body
breaking not her heart, but her belief in being worth breathing
stealing everything
rough marks on pale skin
your hands branded through bruises
deep beneath the surface
pain you could not imagine

do not touch her
do not look at her

she will always be a faceless life
you’ll never forget

and you, the first steps towards
inevitable demise.

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An occupation of hazards-Prostitution



At this given moment there are 40 million prostitutes at work which is more than the populations of Australia(21 million) and Canada(33 million). May be sex is no longer ‘A sacred rite’ opposed to the beliefs of some cults and brotherhoods centuries back and we have become modernised and outspoken enough to use our freedom of speech to make sex a tea time discussion.sexual puns are a dime a dozen these days so altogether sex and sex talks are no longer taboo.

But as trivial as to make it a business??

Does it imply we have travelled down the road of modernisation to the point of progressional apogee?or have we stooped so low that we can no longer discern what is right and what is wrong as long as we get benefits?

Have we bartered our judgemental skills?

Sex trafficking and prostitution are flourishing grounds of entrepreneurship.The demand doesnt cease and unfortunately spurs the $58 billion industry of sex trafficking.studies reaveal 1 in 10 men in the world have paid for sex.
The top reasons-
1. Satisfy an immediate urge for sex
2.experience a specific physical,racial or sexual fetish
3.unsatisfied in their current relationships

But why have women undergirded such an industry? Why permit such crimes?Is money worth more than self esteem? For us, No.  but for people who have to worry about empty stomachs,hell yes ofcourse!
But…. Why prostitution? When there are so many other ways out? It may be the easier way out but definitely not the only one. Infact it isnt as easy as it looks on the outside.
The murder rate for an american prostitute is 204 for every 100,000. Unless money matters more than safety and everything else that prostitution denies it never should be weighed as an option.

Worse is the defenceless of those who are perforce pushed into these forsworn lanes.2.5 million victims are currently being trafficked and even more alarming is the fact that this raunch act is actually legalized within 22 countries including Australia,Germany,Netherlands,Mexico and Columbo.

A canadian report on prostitution concluded that women in prostitution have a mortality rate 40% higher than the national average.sexually transmitted diseases,drug usage & frequent abortions are “the occupational hazards” and adding to it are the psychological effects of sexual abuse.

Thus the factuality of legalized prostitution is obnoxious to the extent of fatuity. The only way to mitigate such exploitation needs tackling the menace more on the demand side which is a downright Herculean task given the culture ,attitude and endemic profanity.However,however difficult it has to be cropped out at all ends and ofcourse the ever present issue of poverty has to be addressed.It needs to be eradicated for the sake of those being coarsed into a lifetime of torture and degradation.

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On sale


Putting on mascara
Wondering if it can out do
The empty darkness
In my kohl ringed eyes.
Painting my swollen lips red
Hiding the tear on them
Where the brutal teeth bit
Till they bled
And with my war paint on,I rise
Ice in my soul
Frost in my eyes

I live this war
I take blows on my skin
I fight to save my soul
My identity marred witha shameful scar

I am beauty
Imagination’s Aphrodite
I am the lust for a sinful night
I have a kaleidoscope of faces
Faces of deception
That hide my tears
Cloak my fears
Under the iron armour
Of feminine perfection

Everynight I serve the hunger
I sate the lust
I Swallow the anger
I lie bountiful as the Earth itself
As they bury a million sins in me
I lie in darkness
And they free their self

Repulsion bubbles like magma
Smoke of weed,stink of alcohol
So familiar in this hell hole
Yet inspire nausea

In pleasure they shatter
And I, in me,I crumble
Everytime my soul wailed
I cry your name amidst sobs
I cant dare to reach you
Lest you recoiled
Cause I am face down in dirt
Completely soiled.

I Locked away my heart
I zipped up my lips
I orbed my eyes
Yet inside I bang around
I yell
But who is there for me in this hell?
They buy
They use
They go away
And once again

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Ink stains my hands like blood
I have clawed my heart out,
Laid it on the table for the world to see
Instead of blood I bleed ink
The pain flows not as tears
But is extant in the words
Scribbled across this page

Pen is mightier than the sword
I hope to cut you with every word
To scar your conscience with my verse
To wound your eyes
Such that they bleed regret

Call it vengeance
For I seek to clutch at your heart
I seek the world to feel my pain
I seek those envious to live my nightmares
And I seek to avenge my dreams
That stick to my eyes like dried ink
Unable to flow and morph into runes
Clouds of indigo dust
Fall off my lashes with every blink

My castles collapsed into a heap of stones
The stones,pieces of the heart you stoned
My white horse never found its way
Out of the forest&my prince,out of art
My child my womb entombs
I sing a lullaby of doom

By love forsworn
My fate deuce
My soul am I here to avenge
I bleed ink onto this page

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