Sporting my shades
They wont see me crying
Because they wont get the pain
They will call me insane
When they smell the poison in my veins
But well! Its not me!
It sunk in through those mean scorching hickeys
Left on my neck!
Hey man! Watch!
I am raising my hands
And snapping your cuffs off
I like to be restrained in bed
Not in daylight by the pride in your head
I smile at the cameras
Blow a kiss when they flash
Serene in love
Classy in cracks
Waiting for me to falter?
The strength is here to stay!
Hey sister!
Grab some cash
And sport your shades
Sashay with me on the side walk
Let them men,drop dead!


Our home


When you take her home
Do you tell her the stories?
Of how we fought over the choice of colors
And ended up splashed in paint,
Stitches at our sides from laughing so much

When you take her home
To meet your folks
Do you remember how we got scolded
For staying up late
Talking over the phone?

When you take her home
Does kane ask you
With his puppy brown eyes and wagging tail
What happened to his mommie
With her chocolate cakes and treats?

When you take her home
And show her the garden
Do you tell her
How you planted all those roses
Cause I loved them so

When you take her home
When you take her to bed
Do you remember how we first made love?
The warmth,the nerves,the steamy breaths
Do you remember our last night in bed?
When I told you I love you
With my last breath
And the dewy smile when you kissed my forehead

When you kiss your bride
And take her home
I hope you know I am happy for you and her

Yes I wished it was me
I prayed death to let me be with you
A little longer
Yes I wanted “Our home”
But baby,you gave me enough and more
Everytime you held me in your arms
I was safe
I was home

Clandestine Corners


Think of me
As your favourite book;
Familiar tales,
Memorized phrases,
Dogeared pages,
But with torn chapters-
Missing prologue

Think of me
As a misleading lane;
That winds around
The purlieu of my life
But turns away right at the corners
That I do not want you to see

I may be the moon of your life
You may see through me
Like you are my soul’s eye
But the moon has its dark blemishes-craters
And I have my own clandestine corners

Stories of unabsolved disdain,
Traces of blistering touch,
Faces of daunting demons;
Haunting my soul in the deserts of my pain

You may have seen my tears
But you have only tasted
The froth of my pain
For my dregs dont weep
They are fifty shades darker
Than the vault I have locked them in
You will never know they are there
You will never see

I will entomb them
In the womb of the Earth
With the charcoal of my bones
And then will I be free

You are here now


You are here now
Footsteps away
Somewhere in the crowd,
In the blurry swarm of strange faces
Or may be you are home
I pass by your lane,
My heart in my throat
You are here now
Footsteps away
Where I could reach you
And yet the distance is larger
than it ever was
And I am too jaded to lift a foot
Too wise to retrograde
Too strong to look back
You are here now
But I am a milion miles away



Wish we could walk back
To where it was us;
Synchronous bands of love
Against the shambolic sepsis of world,
That severed hands that held together

Why is it so hard to let go of memories
When I have already let you go?
Why do we cry over
What once made us laugh?
Why do we say things
We can’t take back?

Words are feathers,
That cut like knives
Lost in the wind
Untill they settle beneath the skin

I Cant take back those dastardly words
I kept running away
When I got too close
Afraid to lose what I never had
Scared of the dark
Threatened by the unknown

Now I have
Walked out of the sepulchre of pain
Where I have laid my monsters down
To rot and to rest
Found my voice and lost the words
That can call you back
It is too late now
What was always there,
Took too long to descry
But in another life,
I will make you stay



The molten caramel
In your bright little eyes
I wonder if it glints gold in sunlight
Rosy lips pout a perfect O
When your eyes shed pearls
Tiny fingers with magic touch
Sprinkling angel dust in the breeze
I wish I could hold on to you forever
Safe in my arms,
My broken little dream
I will never have you
You will never breathe;
But I have loved you
Since I saw you through his eyes
And I always will

Unspoken vows


There are words
That echo in my silence
In this tormenting distance

Its no longer in obscure denial
No more veiled by screening pretences
Its lucent,
Crystalline pillars of sense

I do
I take you as mine
Untill the edge of doom
And end of time

Read them in my eyes
Taste them on my lips
Unspoken vows,
Fretted on my finger tips

One day,
I ll drop them in your hands
Magic dew drops
And grains of timeless sand

One day,
Before it stops
I will give you my heart
And dare to hope