Walking endlessly
On this boulevard of stones
Crying out wordlessly
Inviting a gust of wind
Alien to this motionless world
To blow out the fire in my bones
Lost in eternal eternity
Dropped from the grasp of globe
Onto the bosom of a timeless reality
Where the air stands still
Nothing moves,nothing will
Even my heart refuses to beat
The fire goes on
While this vacuous planet continues to stand
Men would give up anything
For this tinge of immortality
And here I am
Looking for winter in this far away land


Dark love


He speaks of death
In a tone of incredible nonchalance

Arent you afraid of death?

He smiles a cold smile
That doesnt reach his eyes

Why should I be
Of my slave?
It kills for my pleasure
And I,
For you,
For love

Fear tied my tongue
For me…..?
I stuttered
I masked my parched throat with honey

I have never demanded a life my sweet
Your love is all I seek

His eyes flashed  ice
I could see demons lurking behind
His mask of calm civility

Is that what you seek?
My love?
In his bed?

No! I never!
I cried vehemently
I couldn’t blink back angry tears
Why are his dark eyes so blind to my love?

And he raised a finger to my pale lips
With illustrous benevolence
He poured me a drink
Was I forgiven?
I gulped down sheer relief

I tried to say thank you
And gurgled out blood
The poison of his dark dark love
Took my breath away
And the Earth let me go

I lay there shivering
A butterfly
Fluttering in the spider’s web
And he sang to me
Sweet melancholy
Filling my ears
With his dark dark love

Funeral of lost love


The crackling of logs
Logs of wiped smiles
Forgotten laughter
Burning away the shreds of flesh
Scarred with betrayal
Token of your dreadful love
And chains that bound my soul
Let the fire rage on
And feed on the rage inside me
And consume the remnants of you

Turn your gaze away
I do not seek pity
Let me weep
Before pain stones my heart
Tonight I cry
At the funeral of lost love
Until I am drained of tears
And I ll never be here again



You are on fire
And its burning your senses
The smoke clogs your veins
Does it let you think
Before you spit venom?
The burnt charcoal dust of your wrath

Glitter and glamour
All around you in a frenzy
Oh must it feel to be them?
You stare at those limousines
And find it hard to blink out of greed

Ten more minutes
Five more
Hit on the snooze button
As if that stops time?
Stacks of work to be done
And you are slouching at the bottom
Of the heap
Did you ever hear of a successful sloth?

Check her out
From head to toe
Stop a little more at her breasts
And rate her jugs
Ask her to leave with you
Doest consent?
Rape her!
A loving wife at home
But  love comes after your lust

You laugh
Because she is ugly
Because he is black
Because she is poor
And her father sells tack
Your smile is more like a sneer
Arrogance pours out of your skin
And that will rot your hide

I can never lose
So he will never win
Oh,thats not determination
But spite
Imagine the blow and the cruel envy
When he does win
Leaving you behind

Munching and munching
Double chin wobbling
Where does all that food go?
It lines your pot belly
And someday you will choke and croak
What took you?

We are the seven
Cardinal sins
At the back of your mind
Closing in
Seeping into you through cracks
On your skin

Wont you let us in?

Foolish girl


She says
she is so in love
And he keeps her happy
I wonder
For how long?
Foolish girl
Doesn’t she know?
‘love’ is a collosal fiction
In this mundane realm of our existence

She stays up at night
Cutting out paper hearts
With that creepy dazed look in her eyes!
Yeah! I remember
The beautiful hand cut heart confettis
I had put in that ring box
The ring he threw,back at my face
Foolish girl
Doesnt she know?
She will be using the same knife
To cut open her vein
To let her tears mingle with blood
And carry away her pain

She sleeps at night
Holding her pillow
Probably dreaming of his arms
Foolish girl
doesnt she know?
Those arms will one day strangle her heart

Foolish girl
Doesnt she know?
There is no such thing as love here
Just dicks and lust
Semen and men
Sex is all thats echt
Love is just the misleading prologue
To a man’s bed

I too had a love story


Hearts,flowers and more?
I had it all
May be not bouquets
Of roses,lilies and orchids
But the rose petals
Treasured in my book
Speak of my past amour
May be not sunsets or sunrises
We watched across life’s horizon
Each other’s prizes and failures
Faced it all
Together in a world of our own
May be I held on too tight
And may be,
He a little light
Whatever the reason
I had to let it go
And now I am waiting
Feelings in prison
Wondering if it was meant to be
Be it the fury
Or the deadly wyvern
It shall not flee astern
Love…. Thats meant to be mine
Like homebound bird will return
But if I wait to no avail
I shall live to tell the tale
But never sorry
That I too had a love story

On sale



Putting on mascara
Wondering if it can out do
The empty darkness
In my kohl ringed eyes.
Painting my swollen lips red
Hiding the tear on them
Where the brutal teeth bit
Till they bled
And with my war paint on,I rise
Ice in my soul
Frost in my eyes

I live this war
I take blows on my skin
I fight to save my soul
My identity marred witha shameful scar

I am beauty
Imagination’s Aphrodite
I am the lust for a sinful night
I have a kaleidoscope of faces
Faces of deception
That hide my tears
Cloak my fears
Under the iron armour
Of feminine perfection

Everynight I serve the hunger
I sate the lust
I Swallow the anger
I lie bountiful as the Earth itself
As they bury a million sins in me
I lie in darkness
And they free their self

Repulsion bubbles like magma

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Black and White


The blacks and the whites
Close knit
Dance together
To the rhythm of
Fluttering fingers
Siring sounds sung
In moments of melodious melancholy
Flowing into a crescendo of
Impassioned impalpable emotions
Fulminating with fulsome furore
Untill the end
That slowly descends
Dissolving into soft silence
A transmogrification into mystical beauty

The blacks and the whites
Can there be music if you pulled them apart?

Can there be peace without unity?

The blacks and the whites
Why then do we stand apart?



Do not dare to venture
Into the maze of iron fences
The paint on them
The red of blood
Do not mistake it for the hue of love
There is no paradise beyond this inferno
But the endless purgatory of unrequited love
There is no such thing as love
In the hearts of these green faced goblins
They are experts at garble
And cruel like the queen of hearts
Who wrenches your heart out
And locks them away
There is no such thing as true love’s kiss
To ascertain your realisation of bliss
If cursed with livind death
Wonded by those iron shards
You will stay frozen in time
And never awaken
Oh do not open those gracious wings
To shelter ingrates from rain and snow
Close your ears to the lullaby
You will awake from your dreamless sleep
To find your wings severed
And you will never fly again

Clowns and crowns


The world is shrouded by deception
Affectations and treason beyond reason and perception
But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
And such, deception too
Entombs goodness’s odour

Deception though may breach the trust
Some shattered soul may seek its help
To cloud,from the taunting crowd
The worst traumatizing memories
Personified into a repulsive shape

Sometimes a sugar coated pill
A friend,but in truth a foe
Sometimes a face that smiles against will
Bosom heaving with unshed tears
And pain that doesnt show

See the clown in the circus
Looting laughter is his life’s purpose
Making the mickey out of himself
Face bright as his nose
To pride and dignity oblivious
But they say a clown has the saddest of faces
Upturning his pout he braces
For the war of laughter
The same acts,
Decided parts
Dictated in his life’s chapter

And such too is the crown’s facade
Encrusted with rare and radiant gems
Memento of regalia,
adorning royal names
The path to it paved by blood and bone
Yet once possessed, once won
None praises her beauty
But the one,crowning whom is her duty

Open your soul’s eye
See beyond the mundane
Their is a hint of lie in written truth
And moments of truth in a lie

Longfellow’s psalm of life and its relevance to the youth


Longfellow begins his poem with the same exuberance and enthusiasm that continues throughout the poem.He discusses how we should live our life in constant anticipation for the next day,believing it will be better than today.
For every dawn brings up the sun of new opportunities.

life is real!life is earnest!

We all can see the dirty and unjust state of the world around us but all we do is sit and wonder if our country will ever be free,if our girls are safe,will we ever escape the clutches of poverty and tyranny?will the ever ever come? But instead of sitting in the fringes and wondering if we jumped into the ring,if we made our voices heard, if we stopped being puppets in the hands of politicians we could make some difference! Because its us! The youth who have the power in them to burn down the litter our world is burried in!

Be not like dumb driven cattle!
Be a hero in the strife

Life is a battle where though meagerly protected we need to be in for the strife.
Remember we all have that seedling of greatness in us. Nurture it,hone it,show courage!

Trust no future however pleasant
And let the dead past bury its dead

In the womb of time lie the past,the present and the future.The past is dead,the present lives and the future is an unborn child. The past cant be changed.we have no specific knowledge how the future is going to turn rather than whiling away precious time and the zeal of youthful days,regretting the past and imagining the future its wise to make the best use of every minute that we live.’Now’ is the time that makes all the difference.

Footprints that perhaps another
Sailing over life’s solemn main
Seeing shall take heart again

Each of us has a role model. But it doesnt do to just admire and venerate someone’s greatness. We must learn from the obstacles and hindrances they had to face, their stories of triumphs. We are all capable of doing something great.if we dont do anything to make us immortal in the memories of people and posterity then our lives are nothing different from trees,birds and insects that too come into existence and fade away unnoticed.Thus the poet urges us to leave footprints on the sands of time and be role models for those who look up to us

The Bible says

dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return

But Longfellow says that its the human body that is mortal.the soul lives on even after we cease to exist.
The poet says happiness or sorrow is not destiny but just a part of our life.we are the choreographers of our own future and contribute to the destiny of the rather than being swept away by joy or dejection put your foot down today and start working in order to get whatever you aspire for as with every dusk we move one step closer to the grave. We need a heart strong enough to face failure and still carry on pursuing its goal

Like president Obama said

That out of many,we are one, that while we breathe we hope and where we are met with cynicism and doubt we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of people



Conceived in the womb of the sea
Risen from foam
Yet unborn
I am the daughter of heaven
Sculptured at the peak of womanhood
Supremely nubile
I am Aphrodite
Goddess of love,beauty and pleasure
Aflame in desire
Inflamed in displeasure
I dance with dolphins
In the waves of my cradle
I sleep in shells adorned with pearls
Red of my lips rousing as roses
Swathed by folded petals
The taste of my nectar
As cloying as the honey of myrtle
I am such beauty
That the mirror can not hold
I descend to the lap of Gaia
My chariot pulled by sparrows
To remove the grievances of sorrowful breasts
At times,I am the majestic swan
That listens to the song of unrequited love
Sung by despondent souls
Who sit by the lake
And cry over a heartbreak
I am Aphrodite
Deity of love
Fire of desire
Personification of beauty



You feel my touch
When water droplets trickle down your skin
Kissing the stubble on your chin

You hear me pattering about your kitchen
Amidst the clink clank of cuttlery
When you come home hungry

You see me cheering
At the stands for you
When you put the ball through

You catch me watching you
From behind the shelves
When you are poring over your law books
Looking as tired as house elves

You hear my laughter
When the breeze tickles the chimes
The souvenir of auld lang syne
You listen to my lullaby
The sleepy silence fabricating a mime

You can feel my arms cradling you
My eyes capturing you tears
Those precious droplets
My moonstone spheres

You see my hand in yours
When you put on the ring
Wishing it had kept the promises
Of the life that it would bring

My heart aches,
But cursed I am
I cant cry
I am everywhere around you
In a swirl of memories
But you cant reach me
However hard you try

Dear heart,
Its time you let the pain go
Keep my love in your heart
It will keep you warm in a trench of snow

I will be the wick
That burns with a death wish
To bring you light
I will be your shadow
That the darkest of nights
Can not venture to vanquish

How can night be any superior?
When I am the love
That the mighty death couldn’t conquer

Winner stands alone

“winning is everything.The only ones who remember you when you come second are your wife and your dog”

The competitive world that we live in today is all about schedules,ticking clocks,stacking money and rushing.
All of that crazy frenzy aims at staying ahead.staying ahead of time,Being a step nearer to achievement than others. Its all about winning the race.
So when we are all looking ahead we see nobody by our side.
First,they have got no time
Second,almost everybody hates you.
Because when you are winning they are losing.

But haters gotta hate. Bitches gotta bitch. Thats what they strive in.The sight of you standing there,A winner who did it without their help ,despite their discouragement and pulls.
It kills them

It shouldnt matter when you feel lonely because you cant bring yourself to rely on anyone because of all the backstabs you have braved.
The people who gave you the push you needed are looking out for you and at you.The pride in their eyes more prominent than yours.
And the losers, well nobody is paying attention to them except the other losers

The throne can not be shared.
The winner always stands alone.

Liebster award

I am so exhilarated and thankful to Hannah @ for this nomination and also to all my followers for giving my blog a chunk of your precious time:)

I would like to nominate:

And now the questions –

1.early bird or night owl??
Night owl definitely!

2.given the choice will you be blind or deaf?

3.A moment in your life that gave you the greatest joy?
3rd August,2010
The day I got the love of my life

4.your dream/where would you live?

5.something of substance that you want people to know about you?
I hate being lied to
And love me or hate me but spare me your indifference  cream or sugar?tea?sugar or lemon?
Coffee with sugar

7.if you are married?single?your favourite song
Let it go!
The cold never bothered me anyway 😉
And yes I am single 😀
I killed the love of my life 😛

8.what did you want to be when you grew up?
Oh I wanted to be crowned Miss universe 😉
Now I am the mistress of my own universe

9.your go to for staying positive?

I listen to these two beautiful beautiful songs-
My wish for you
I am coming home

10.if it was possible to go back ten years would u change your life??
Hell yes!

Lessons Learnt


To err is human
The lessons you learn
Make you a better man
I do not deny the responsibility
Or the consequences of my actions
I have never ever claimed perfection
I forgive you
For not forgiving me
I know how hard it can be
I can only trust time now
And trust myself to keep this vow
I have done things I regret
I have borne deceit and hurt
That I can never forget
But you all are flesh and bones
Creed of greed
Much of a muchness as my own
So I forgive you
And I forgive myself
As I walk on strong and alone
Crossing the threshold of past
A corpse of my quondam self
That I burnt
All I carry with me
Are the lessons that I have learnt