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The death of a star

I waited all those years

For a star to fall from the sky

To wish upon it

For you to fall for me,

Tonight it did,

And I wished for someone to love me

Like I loved you,

After all these years 

Of burning my way through

 dreams and disasters to you

Only to find you

Flinching away from the flames

I didn’t need a falling star 

To tell me

You were not worth its dying wish



Impervious veins hold 

the grieving drops of ruby back,

Rust constellates over my skin 

And the black depths of my wounds 

are filled with the fragments of time

Spent forgetting you 

But in dark hours of dawnless nights 

When my eyes seek you, not light 

I pick and scratch at scabs of healing hurt 

To bleed remembrance 

And catch a glimpse of you 


I will meet you where dew drops wet the lips of leaves,

Where clouds caress the moon,

Where rain drops fill the cracks in scarred rocks, 

Where tress hold hands beneath the ground 

I will meet you in places 

Where unconventional, unglorified lovers entwine, 

Beneath the surface, cloistered and dark 

Within the crevices of universe 

And in undiscovered galaxies 

Where our stories are sung by lost stars 

If only you stayed

He says, Years have passed 

Have they, love ?

I would still break into tears 

If you hold me 

Would you wipe them away 

Like that day though? 

Would you hug me tight, 

trembling hands buried in my hair 

And let your sigh at the nape of my neck 

Say goodbye? 

Or this time will you let go and cry?

He says years have passed

But after all these years the moment hasn’t 

It’s frozen where our lips last met 

Immune to the whims of time and space 

Every time we think of each other 

We are still locked in that embrace 

Darling, we never finished saying our goodbyes 

Colour of your gaze

I could keep writing for years 

And never run out of words for you

But I don’t know how to put these mere alphabets together 

To paint your eyes 

And their transcendent hues 

I don’t know if  I can ever exactly describe their colour

And how they looked under the sun 

When we were walking into the woods 

And you smiled at me 

I cross my heart 

I wouldn’t call myself a poet 

Until I find the word for it-

The tincture 

that haunts my thoughts

With sunkissed horizons and sunset blues  

Wish upon my bone 

If only, humans had wishbones 
It would be easier 

to trap scampish desires 

Beating their way out of tired,

infiltrated rib cages

They help birds fight,

Well may be we could win the constant fight

Between what the heart wants and what it should

And may be all those times 

When we kill our own dreams 

Or watch them getting trampled 

under some other feet 

And a sigh of “only if” gets stuck in our throats 

They would get caught in our wish bones instead 

Which when pulled apart 

Will atlast let out a sigh of hope 

And make wishes come true 

About last night

I loved you so much 
I would have walked 

Along the edge of a hundred swords

To reach you if you needed me,

I loved you like a drop of tear in your eyes

Was the poison that could kill me

And I would rather have had

my heart ripped out

Than let anybody else in

I don’t know how I did that,

Stood still

and listned to the wail

 of your breaking heart 

But now I clamp my hands over my ears

To drown the echo and go to sleep,

When I do,

You are the nightmare or the dream

Now when I look for traces of me in your life

I hope to find more of those photographs 

We are smiling in

And not the scars that left you bleeding words,

Empty eyed,

If someday they remind you of me

And you wonder

If I spent last night thinking about us,

I want you to know

I did

I loved you so much

I thought I would die without you

And you know, I did.


Aren’t we all afraid 

that it’s all going to end

before we are ready

for the curtains to drop

and we will never find out

what happens next

but we almost did,

Aren’t  we all terrified  of missing,

Where we close our fists around it

but open them and find nothing ,

Almosts are hauntingly painful

I think she never loved me

is better than she almost did

I think she never was mine

is better than she almost was

Autumn must come soon


Chaos are beautiful,
Terrifyingly wonderful like a tornado
I Want to be caught in the wind
Like a leaf in the fall
Carefree,aimless,oblivious of where I must go
I just want to break free,
Drift and dance,
Unaware that in that moment I am part of an art
I want to live the chaos,
Watch them unfold into cosmic revelations
Oh! How I miss the voices in my head
Humming through my solitude
How I plead,autumn must come soon
For every person we love
Is but shackles and chains cutting into tender skin
And I am bound to what would someday
Shake me off when I am dry
For something green



Why must I do this to myself;
Stab myself with your dagger?
How does it gnaw at my skin
Even when it is powerless:
Vandalised at the hands of rust?

Why do I find myself at your doorstep
When I am not sure which road to take?
When I know the locks have changed?

Why do I lie to myself this often?
I am no saint
Yes,the reflection of someone else in your eyes,
The two of you smiling
Impales me
So why do I look in through the goddamned window
Even when the other side is not where I want to be.



The heady scent of your breath
Tickles my memory
Leaving ripples of sleepless  nights
On my sheets,
I open my eyes to your deliquescing face,
Bracing for the familiar ache
But suddenly it does not hurt anymore,
Suddenly your absence is not a gaping hole
Grief fails to paralyse me
I think of how much I loved you
And memories resuscitate your presence,
The trail of your kisses
Whisper along my collarbone
And the hearse at long last
Disappears from view



I am not afraid of love
I put it to sleep
in the chambers of my heart
and slit its throat

I am not scared of you
Your pretty face couldn’t be a nightmare
if it wanted to
You have no weapons
Just hearts and flowers
Those flowers will wilt
and the heart wont beat if I pull it out

I am saving myself
from the parasite inside me
and you think
I am running from you?