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The art of war


I have always been distrustful,
Skeptical of people’s affections and intentions
Less because of the arrows along my spine
And more because of my rose-coloured eyes,
Discoloured now;
But I have learnt to trust
Not them,
Myself,that no betrayal would break me
My corporality is not built upon the mosaics of their being

I have always been territorial,
Ferociously protective of what is mine
And look how those demarcative thorns
Marred  the beauty
So I learnt to lower the weapons
But I havn’t forgotten the art of war
I will destroy you
If you cross the line




It doesn’t have to be skillful strokes of a paintbrush,
A blank canvas would love
even the abstract splashes of colours on it
It doesnt have to be a particular kind
to be perfect

You ask me what is art,

The stain of blood in the creases of my fingers
And spilled ink

Aphrodite and Deb~~~~~~collab 3


A soul brimming with life

came forth to this world

that intended to bind,

where wars seemed to be rife,

While peace was the first syllable

on people’s mind

Divulged into a life of pain

where love was found to be a mask,

The skies opened up for an envious rain

while hatred had a devilish task

The soul now touched with evil,

Tainted  with fear,

Devoid of zeal

was caged in its own skin,

Crippled by sin


perhaps of love

or perhaps humanity I gave it my spirit,

tried to conjure it

And exalt it to its epiphany


A little faith and alacrity

But the poison of its septic existence

had eviscerated its essence,

The dead can not be healed

My spirit swirled around its corpse

Then faded away into wasteful nothingness

Love Happens


When your heart has been shoved and thrown around

When your faith walks on broken glass

I know its hard to hope

When you have bled so much regret

I know its hard to see

When you have had dust of lies blinding your eyes

While you scramble for the truth

Beneath the pile of crumpled pages of your trust

I know its hard to let yourself Love again

But love happens

You dont have to go looking for it

It doesnt need your flashlight

Love happens

Even if your heart is buried in the core of your hatred

Even when people could start eating each other

And you couldnt care less

Love happens

It may not be returned

May not be understood

May not be valued

May not be forever

But its always there

holding the atoms of our souls together

The worth of our breaths


We watch our kind
Butchering eachother
Living off one another’s flesh
And blink our shutters
Then go on about our lives

Those of us who cry;
Why are we not able to
Flood this filthy clay-sphere
Encrusted with rotting flesh,
Rusting skeletons
And flush the stench of death away?

Those of us who walk on ;
those bones Crunching under our feet
Blood and mucus stuck to our soles
Where are we trying to reach?
This is a goddamned circle-
You tear your way out of flesh
And breathe misery and greed in
Untill the earth takes back
Your meat suit

Yeah we all have our numbers
Upgraded to trillions,zillions,gazillions
Some of us rub our taste buds off
Counting cash
But I wonder
When we will be successful enough
To weigh the worth of our breaths

Beautiful life



Heartaches and heartbreaks
Treachery and misery
Loneliness and sickness
Music and panic
Birth and death
All thats good
And all thats bad
Thats what life is
And life is beautiful
For all those who think
They can take it no more
For all those afraid
Ready to give up
Have u seen
A butterfly flapping its fragile wings
In a blink of shimmering colour
Do you not know
It was once an ugly caterpillar?
Have you ever danced in the rain?
And set asail paper boats
In a seascape drain?
Have you ever felt the tiny hands of a baby clutch at your fingers?
Doesn’t that fill your heart with love and joy?
Have you ever looked at
meadows of spring
Leaves of the fall
Flakes of the winter
And wondered who made this world so wondrous?
If you have then you must know
The master painter gave you this life
A silent canvas
to paint with eloquent hues
Because life is beautiful
And those who havnt seen or felt
You must stop and taste
The nectar of life
Before you say the grapes are sour
And walk away

Winner stands alone

“winning is everything.The only ones who remember you when you come second are your wife and your dog”

The competitive world that we live in today is all about schedules,ticking clocks,stacking money and rushing.
All of that crazy frenzy aims at staying ahead.staying ahead of time,Being a step nearer to achievement than others. Its all about winning the race.
So when we are all looking ahead we see nobody by our side.
First,they have got no time
Second,almost everybody hates you.
Because when you are winning they are losing.

But haters gotta hate. Bitches gotta bitch. Thats what they strive in.The sight of you standing there,A winner who did it without their help ,despite their discouragement and pulls.
It kills them

It shouldnt matter when you feel lonely because you cant bring yourself to rely on anyone because of all the backstabs you have braved.
The people who gave you the push you needed are looking out for you and at you.The pride in their eyes more prominent than yours.
And the losers, well nobody is paying attention to them except the other losers

The throne can not be shared.
The winner always stands alone.



I may fall
I may taste the dust
On bloody elbows and skinned knees
Now I may crawl
But I will rise
The sun at dawn
I must go on

Yes I must
Listen to the whisper of dreams
And chase star light beams
I must follow the beacon of destiny
I must awaken the warrior in me

I have burst out of the carapace
To behold beauty,
Covered with ugly bruises
But my wounds have to heal
I have to walk on and I will

These are baby steps
The pencil strokes that make abstract shapes
Abstract shapes that build landscapes
Landscapes painted with hues of dreams
Dreams entwined with life at the seams

Life awaits me
Arms outstretched
Though sweat and blood drenched
I will walk the length
I believe I have the strength

Solitude and loneliness


There is a thin line,a string of few breaths,between life and death.There is acceptance that separates fiction and reality.There is again a blurry line between ego and selfesteem which is distinguished by character.

Similarly there is a very thin line of distinction between solitude and loneliness. “choice” separates them.
Solitude is a choice and Loneliness is helplessness,a burden meant to be carried but without will.

When there is no one to turn to at the hour of need,you are lonely

When there is no one to discern the grief behind your smile,you are lonely

When there are hundreds of people but no one who understands you,you are lonely.

And it makes such a difference,such a bad loses its vigour and turns a dull shade of grey cause there is no one to splash it with paint. Being alone in a crowd is worse than being just alone.infact just alone is a source of bliss to lovers of have your ownself for company and you enjoy it.That is solitude.
Solitude is that moment of peace when you sit down on the terrace with a cup of coffee and you savour it because you love coffee not because u need a kick of caffeine to get you through another late night at work.
Solitude is that that bliss when you know you are at peace with yourself and you are loved by others.
Solitude is when you know you are alone only till you want to be.

It helps you get yourself the precious time that you deserve
It helps you grow

But loneliness crushes your spirits and triggers insecurities.If your friends mistake your need for momentary solitude as reclusion then yes,you are lonely and also misunderstood.

But lets remember its only a thin line of separation
It can be bridged!
Even in lonely hours when all you need is a friend who would hear you bawl and sniff through the story of your heartache…. Be strong!
Wipe your own tears
And stretch your hands
Fitting fingers will fill the gap between yours.
Trust time and do not give up.
You asked for solitude and got loneliness??
Then mould it into solitude and attain innerpeace.

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