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The song of light and dark


You dont have to hush your demons
Or slather smiles on your scars
When I sway to the rhythm of your hips
Our demons dance together
To the song of the stars
Baby dont you shy away from the light
Or be shamed by your dark
The cadence of love
In the beat of your heart
Fills the night
Like the song of the lark


Love,Whiskey and Madness


Your anger,
Baby it burns like fire
You walk out and slam the door
But storms dont last forever
Your words,
Venom coated goodbye,
You are never coming back
Oh but you will!
I will make you
Your fury is as arousing
As my love is madness
I could hold you captive,
Lock us both in forever
And listen to you spit out words of hate
As the rich taste of dark poetry
Trickles down my throat like whiskey

All kinds of broken


This fight has to end,

this battle that I fight,

Locked in your arms every night

The tug of war

between resolve and desire

your gaze hovering on my closed lids

like a vulture waiting for its prey,

waiting for me to drop my guard

and i will my heart ,

to calm its thundering beats

Then in the sweet haze of sleep

I bask in the warmth of your breath

And mist of your lips

This fight has to end

Cowardice is not victory

Love and life ,not dichotomy

How can I keep myself from dreaming?

How long can I lie in your arms,

Not cracking a vertebrae,


As much as I love my heart

Forgive me,for i love adventures more

I would rather give away my heart

Over and over again

Untill its all kinds of broken

And cheer for the one,

Who lands the deadliest blow

I would rather bury its remains

with an eulogy of loving memories,

Streaming tears,

Proud pomp and show

Than trap my poor heart in a cage

for the rest of its days

And cut off its wings

What if it gives up hope

And stops fluttering?



I have drunk desire before
But nothing like the fire in my bones
Conflagrant within,
At your touch
I see it mirrored in your eyes,
Smoldering topaz,
Burning it to coal

Grunts and growls
Moans and screams
We are animals,hunting ;
You are preying on me
And I am drinking you in
High on the creamy manna
Ambrosia couldn’t taste better than this

I know now why they call it destruction
When two planets crash,
When you jounce into me
I can see colliding stars
Exploding senses
Like its the end of the world

Then the waves wash over and away
And I am drained of words
I close my eyes
Unwilling to watch you leave
Make no noise,
Disappear like a dream
I could believe,
It happened in my head
But you left scratches all over my skin

The poetry in me


I see you watching me
Move on the dance floor
Your gaze touching me at places
I would like to be touched
I drift off to verboten places
Your face burned to my eyelids
Glad u cant hear it flutter
My mind’s eye is upto no good
Revved up by those smoke grey eyes
That dont just look but dig and bore
Savouring me like sweat earned food

You pull me in for a dance
I can read the hunger in your eyes
Just these moves aint what you got on your mind
The dance
Has all but begun
And I sway to its rhythm
That lust laced poetry in me
Unravel it
Read it if u can

You pull back suddenly
There is a storm in your cloud cast eyes
I know that look
That trace of steel
You have set your goal

In no time at all
We fall on your bed in a tangle of clothes
Yours black mine red
As scarlet as my thoughts
My world is centred around your touch
I want to savour take me slow
I want to shatter
Drive me! Plunder
Yes let it go

You take me to places I have never been
You make love like dreams
Your hardness familiar to the slick satin folds of my core
You have me wanting for more
Take me again to the zenith
I spiral down around you
I ll be your accomplice in the sin of lust

The lust laced
The sacred
The cloistered poetry in me
You unraveled it
Now come plunge into it again
Slow,with the pace of heaven
Make Aphrodite envious
Let it roll off your tongue
Let it be heard,
The poetry in me



The golden wings of an angel
Dancing with the wind
Cloaking and swallowing everything

Sometimes a flash of terror
Savage reckless and oblivious
Sometimes a warm breath of pleasure
A helping hand,a friend forever

Ages back when life started
Adam and Eve went around the world
Beholding and savouring the gift of PAN
The green beautiful nature for man

On one dark night they encountered ‘flame’
Graceful and powerful in its two forms
One,the loose golden curls of a witch’s hair,
They named it fire
Other,the shapeless voiceless call for madness,
They named it desire

Its elegant but dangerous
At times it runs a chill down the spine
When it wants to possess
nothing can u hide
At times its that bestfriend by your side
You warm up with sipping a glass of wine

Its ecstasy but madness
When you look into your lover’s eyes
And lose your senses
The violent surging of blood beneath the skin
The torrent of need luring to sin
The heat of your clinging bodies
That you are basking in

“Some say the world will end in fire”
But fire can never pulverize me completely
My soul would survive
It is desire
that destroys effortlessly
For then would I give over my soul recklessly